About us

Reducing or avoiding air travel is one of the most effective steps we can take as individuals to combat climate change. But, it’s not the most realistic proposition for many of us. Through Jet-Set Offset, when you can’t reduce air travel, you can offset the carbon emissions from flying by contributing to organizations working to reduce carbon emissions in other ways.

Jet-Set Offset operates as a fundraising tool for nonprofit environmental organizations working to combat climate change.

The Jet-Set Offset platform aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of air travel – and empowers eco-conscious travelers to act.

Jet-Set Offset is a simple way to join the movement for greener travel by making our flights a little easier on the planet. With a one-time sign-up, you can automatically donate one cent per mile to your favorite environmental cause-- every time you fly.

Our Mission

Jet-Set Offset’s mission is to change the way we fly. Personal actions can reduce the environmental impact of air travel. By providing a simple platform for mileage-based giving, Jet-Set Offset is sparking a broader movement towards green travel and sustainable aviation.

We envision a day when no one travels without considering the environmental impact. A day when no one flies without simultaneously supporting efforts to protect and preserve our planet. A day when all planes are running on bio-fuels or clean energy.

Our Values


Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of future generations. Air travel is a fundamental part of our modern world and global society. Air travel as we know it is also a major threat to the future of our planet. Air travel is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions (leading to climate change) in the United States and around the world. We built Jet-Set Offset because we care about fighting climate change, preserving our natural environment for generations to come, and sustaining the value of continued global air travel.

We hope that one day soon technological advances will reduce the carbon emissions from flying, but without major changes, the universal growth in air travel is untenable. We, as individual flyers, can do something about it. Sustainable aviation is at the heart of our mission.

Anna Ford

| Co-founder

Ian Campbell

| Co-founder

Our Team

We launched Jet-Set Offset because, as former business travelers logging more than 100,000 miles a year, we searched for but could not find a carbon offsetting service with the characteristics that distinguish Jet-Set Offset: simplicity, automation, choice, and credibility. Anna is a health and environmental policy professional and change agent. Ian is an experienced computer programmer. We are both outdoor enthusiasts and avid environmentalists.